Frequently asked questions

For Owners

Does it cost to list my equipment/service?

Free to list on our platform. When you approve a request and the renter pays, we take a 10% service fee. For example, if you charge $10 per day to rent out equipment we’ll take $1 from the rental.

Can I have restrictions on my listing?

No problem! Just add a note in the description of your listing. Renters can request and contact you whenever they want to hire. If a request is not convenient for you, you can always decline a request.

What if my equipment gets damaged or stolen while rented?

Theft, damage and personal injury is the responsibility of the renter during the reservation. For example, if your camera lens is damaged during the rental, it is the renter’s responsibility to repair or pay for a replacement.

Can I list multiple items in one listing?

No, each item must go into a seperate listing. Site admins moderate all listings.

Is there a minimum price for each listing?

Owners are required to charge at least $1.

Can I accept cash from a renter?

No. All payments are to be made on our platform via credit card since they give us a valid form of verification.

Can I get a GST receipt?

Your advertised prices must include GST and you’re responsible for your taxes.
Renters who are GST registered should obtain GST receipts by contacting the Owner directly.
Tradequip will issue the Owner GST receipts for all fees it charges.

For Renters

How do I find equipment or services I need?

Browse our listings, filter by category or by type. Once you’ve found the item you need, simply order or request a booking to the owner. Once the owner has confirmed the rental, you are free to arrange the particulars directly with the owner. Owner will only be paid once you mark the transaction as Complete.

Booked a rental or service but the Owner does not deliver?

If you have booked and paid for a service or rental but the Owner does not deliver or respond to communication for more than 24 hours, we recommend that you contact Tradequip and notify us of the Owner’s misconduct.

Can I get the equipment delivered?

Owners prefer to have equipment picked up. Those willing to deliver their equipment may charge an additional fee. Feel free to message the Owner with question using the Contact button on the listing.

Items damaged, lost, stolen etc. during rental?

Any stolen, loss, damage etc. occurring during a rental is the sole responsibility of the Renter. If equipment is damaged during a rental, you should immediately contact the Owner to assist the situation and coordinate repair, reimbursement etc. The Tradequip Rental Form can help document damages.

How do I get a GST receipt?

Renters should obtain GST receipts by contacting the Owner directly. The Owner is responsible for their own taxes. All prices are GST inclusive.

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